Chance the Rapper is Very Cold Covering Rangers Hockey in SNL Skit

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Phil Kocher
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Many sports suffer from inferiority complexes, especially when directly compared to cultural monoliths like NBA basketball and NFL football, but none suffers theirs quite to the degree that hockey does. Colloquially referred to as “please like my sport”, hockey is especially conflicted – hypocritically heralded by many of its fans for its unique combination of speed and skill while it’s less marketable traditions are ferociously protected to prevent the kind of change that could arguably allow it to grow.

But even the most ardent hockey fans have to appreciate the work put in by the cast of Saturday Night Live and Chance the Rapper, the show’s guest host, last night:

This is the kind of self-deprecating humor every fan should be able to laugh about. Everything about this was perfectly executed humor, from the refusal to even try pronouncing Brady Skjei‘s last name (Yes, that is an ’S’, a ‘K’, and a ‘J’ all next to each other, so that’s a nope), to the repeated reminders that fill-in reporter Lazlo Holmes (Chance’s character) is very cold.

When asked by in-studio host Dale Worthy (Beck Bennett) to share his impression of the game so far, Holmes was hilariously honest:

“The story of the game is, one of the main guys on the Rangers — don’t know how to say his name, it has like 30 letters in it, none of them are vowels. He’s playing great, which is crazy because he got into a full fist fight in the first minute of the game. But hey, as they say in hockey, ‘let’s do that hockey.’ I miss the Knicks.”

I mean, come on — I think we can all agree, that’s just plain funny.

In the meantime, I’ll be getting back to the feverish defense of our silly little sport soon enough. I just need to wipe away these tears from laughter first.

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