Ondrej Pavelec's 2017-18 Mask Revealed

Phil Kocher
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Phil Kocher

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Phil Kocher
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Late Friday night, Alan Walsh of Octagon—the sports and entertainment agency—revealed Ondrej Pavelec‘s goalie mask design for the upcoming 2017-18 season:

The design elements are minimal, mostly drawing from the Rangers’ team colors and primary shield logo, but also features some detailed texturing, as well as a prominent display of his number 31. In addition to this, the back plate features a Bohemian lion—a tribute to his Czech Republic origins—which is a traditional element of the Czech Republic’s coat of arms.

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  1. Rangers
    Looks like pre-season mask. Very conservative, hope it doesn't mean ''don't expect too much from me''.

    It looks like the "expensive" street hockey mask at Dicks.
    Weird. How can it be so hard to make a cool mask?
    NYC has such a deep history. Use that shit to your advantage and get creative. A giant team logo is just so god damn boring.