Rangers Re-Sign F Mika Zibanejad to 5-Year/$26.75M Extension; $5.35M AAV

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The New York Rangers have officially re-signed forward Mika Zibanejad to a 5-Year/$26.75M extension worth $5.35M per season.

Zibanejad had 37 points in 56 games for the Blueshirts this past season. Though his season was derailed by a broken fibula, he nevertheless managed to again improve his points per game (0.66), just as he’s done in every season he’s competed in the NHL. Best of all, at the age of 24, this deal should likely carry him through what stands to be his most productive years in the league. Barring unpredictable circumstances like injury or buyout, he should be eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency in the summer of 2022.

The price may appear high, depending on where you expected the two sides to meet, however, comparable contracts—specificallyBrayden Schenn’s—effectively set the bar north of $5M from the onset as I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Though many players have elected it as a formality in contract negotiations, Zibanejad is the first Rangers player to go to arbitration since Nikolay Zherdev in 2009, which was an award they actually walked away from, making Zherdev a free agent at the time. Despite beginning the process this morning, this five-year extension ultimately sidestepped what might have been a contentious one- or two-year award had the process fully played out.

Zibanejad was the last remaining piece of business for Blueshirts General Manager Jeff Gorton, being the final unsigned free agent in need of a new deal.

  1. I'm perfectly fine with the clause, it's a form of $ for him. Plus he will be 29 at the end of the contract, there will be value there and I'm sure he will waive for certain teams.
    Phil in Absentia
    A NTC can be just as difficult to work around. A NMC simply protects against waivers. It requires the players approval to be reassigned. A NTC can be limited or complete. A complete NTC would give a player the power to veto a deal to any team.
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    Is it ANY team, or a list of certain teams? What is the list one considered?
    Not an UFA you're trying to lure.
    Zibanejad is not the type of player that should be getting a NMC.

    I agree, it's infuriating, as I am trying to remember whom NYR has given an NMC recently we actually wanted to keep more than a couple of years into their contracts.
    Staal - nope
    Girardi -- nope
    Nash -- nope
    Hank -- yes, I guess
    Was Zibanejad at NMC-deserving level? -- if yes, then that surprises me, too -- or did the bar for being thought worthy of an NMC get lower in the last few years.
    I guess Phil's point was you're not signing him/at that price without it, but it worries looking that far down the road and not having the flexibility to move a guy in a trade that might better the team. I just don't remember NMCs being handed out like jelly beans (pardon the exaggeration) like NYR seems to be doing recently.
    But I guess we traded Stepan before his NMC kicked in and that is a bridge we'll cross with Zibs, when we get there.
    Not an UFA you're trying to lure.
    Zibanejad is not the type of player that should be getting a NMC.

    Yes, thank you for agreeing. In RFA years 1 & 2 he does not have a NMC because he is an RFA (the Rangers can trade him anywhere). In UFA years 3,4,5 he can't be traded without agreeing.
    If you didn't want the NMC for years 3,4,5 you have two choices:
    1. don't sign him for more than 2 years and watch him go elsewhere
    2. Make the 5 year AAV 6.35M instead of 5.35
    so yeah, the NMC is where GM's have to go right now because there's no rules against it in the CBA except for RFA years
    Not an UFA you're trying to lure.
    Zibanejad is not the type of player that should be getting a NMC.

    They bought UFA years, which are the same in which his clause applies.
    This can only be fixed in the next CBA. Right now if you don't offer you don't get the player

    Who says it's an issue, management or players?
    This can only be fixed in the next CBA. Right now if you don't offer you don't get the player

    Exactly. If you're an NHL GM and you want to draw a line in the sand, by all means, but understand it means you'll be trading everyone out of town when they're up for long-term renewal, and you'll have effectively no hope at signing a single prominent UFA.
    I think it's going to be a huge problem. Not only did Stepan outproduce him offensively, including leading the team in PPP, Stepan was a top pker, played important minutes, and drew first line assignments.
    Comparing only offense (Stepans weakness, Zib's strength), Zib has best season only tops Stepans rookie season... and barely.
    trade him after 2 years! lol
    but seriously, hopefully he plays better than Stepan
    That IMO won't be a huge problem. All he has to do is occasionally finish with the puck in the net
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