Rangers Release Traverse City Tournament Roster

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There are no real surprises on the list of players the Rangers will take with them to the Traverse City Tournament hosted by the Detroit Red Wings. The team also released the schedule on their website.

The most notable names on the list include their two first round draft selections in 2017, Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil. Chytil particularly has been generating some buzz based on his performance in the Four Nations Tournament. As a young 18-year-old, he’s unlikely to crack the Rangers’ lineup so soon, but a good showing in Traverse City could get him a long look in Preseason which would at the least give the young Czech some confidence heading back to his junior team.

With one potential spot open on defense, Alexei Bereglazov, Sean Day and Neal Pionk are also poised to show off their abilities in the tournament, as is goaltending prospect Alexandar Georgiev who will likely be fighting for a starting role in Hartford to begin the 2017/18 season.

As they have since 2015, teams will compete for the Matthew Wuest Memorial Cup, named after CapGeek.com salary website founder Matthew Wuest who passed away after a two-year battle with Colon Cancer.

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  1. The Dude
    Nothing on there from Clarke that I can see. Can you paraphrase what he said?

    Hmm, weird looks like they took it down. That's how bad it was.
    He basically said that he was really disappointed in the D, especially some of the older guys like Bereglazov who didn't step up and play well. Thought Lias wasn't good enough, maybe he was tired. Chytil was a big loss for them and hard to replace, called him a "horse." Goalies were the best players on the ice.
    That's all I really remember. It wasn't too specific but he was pretty harsh on the team.
    lol, MSG networks didn't even take it off of Twitter
    I didnt watch todays game, and only watched a bit of yesterdays game.
    The best way to summarize all 4 games - "nothing noteworthy"
    It looks like an AHL game at the beginning of preseason. ITs hard for a single player to stand out as there is no system, or chemistry among the players. Most guys looked rusty coming off the summer layoff, along with some of them gripping the stick a little too tight trying to make impressions. A lot of the play was inconsistent, youd see a player or line have a great shift, only to look slow or out of place the following play.
    The defense, as a corps, has been underwhelming, IMO. But, again, its still offseason, and these guys are coming from all walks of life, thrown together with 1 practice and expected to play as a cohesive unit.
    As for some individual players (based on what I could tell, its hard watching streams and evaluate guys wearing random numbers and not being familiar with certain individuals to recognize them by their skating)
    Lias: indifferent. looked good at times, looked like an out of place 18 year old often. Gropp and Ronning were more noticeable.
    Berezgalov: extremely hesitant. several turnovers that seemed to be from lack of familiarity with players/system. Made some good plays, but didnt seem confident in his abilities in the new environment.
    Day: great skater. not a great defender
    Nell - seemed solid, but enh.
    Swedish forwards: seemed to be the best skaters, consistent, but no firepower or flare. Maybe you get a Fast of the bunch in a couple years, will depend on progress.
    Couple of updates from practice today...
    :tweet: @SteveZipay: Rangers first rounder, C Filip Chytil (groin), didn't travel to Traverse City, but skated fairly hard after prax, appears possible for camp
    :tweet: @SteveZipay: More NYR notes:1st rounder Lias Andersson centered a line with Ronning, Gropp; D Pedrie-Pionk paired, as were Bereglazov-Zborovskiy
    He's like McIlrath in that he's not quick. To be an effective NHLer, his positioning will need to be perfect.

    Except younger and with a far more effective overall game. McIlrath was "heavy" whereas at 6'4" and 20 years old he's "not quick".
    I'm not saying that you're "wrong" per se, or that he's going to be an elite D - but he may be a solid 7th choice/Hatford man in the future.
    How's his footwork/skating? At 6'4", will he be pylon for speedy forwards?

    He's like McIlrath in that he's not quick. To be an effective NHLer, his positioning will need to be perfect.