Report: Ryan McDonagh, J.T. Miller Headed to the Lightning

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Phil Kocher
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For the second time in five years, the New York Rangers have traded their captain.

And for the second time in five years, it’s to the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Though he’s missed the last nine games due to injury, rumors have swirled for weeks about the Minnesota native and his future, or lack there of, with the Blueshirts. Those finally came to a head shortly before the trading deadline’s 3pm cutoff when the news broke that the Rangers had, in fact, traded him.

Since he was acquired from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Scott Gomez back in 2009, McDonagh has lead all Rangers’ defensemen in scoring with 238 points in 516 games. He was named team captain—the 27th in Rangers history—in October of 2014.

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  1. How about Mac??? Scores his first goal tonight for the Bolts AND is the only player on the whole team with a PLUS rating in a 7-4 beat down. Holy hell I'm gonna miss that stud D Man. Miller crushing as well. OT but played NHL 18 as the Bolts today and Miller sniped like crazy on that top line, figures he'd go off tonight.. Foreshadowing I suppose LOL.

    But seriously.. Mac with the 2nd most TOI and only player on the team that was a Plus. Guy is such a stud.
    Josh: We need gritty forwards who can skate and score in the middle 6.

    Also Josh: I don't like Miller.

    Miller: Hold my beer, brah

    *Proceeds to excel in said role on playoff team

    *Josh proceeds to fail at one liners and fanfiction on interwebz
    Well yeah we have no Stamkos or Point. No Kuch or Headman either. Should I throw in Stralman and Sergachev for more support of a deep forward group? Tampa scores goals.

    Also, they don't have AV. Cooper is a breath of fresh air for JT's psyche.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete
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    2 more goals for Miller tonight.

    It sucks. probably worse for you, being a fan.

    I never liked the kid, just wish we had another year or so to see if he could get it together on a consistent basis. Was wishing for a JT-JT-Zucc line. But, that's a long shot, and the quickest way to see if the kid can take it to the next level was a change of scenery.